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Do you want to make a Will? Do you need help in dealing with the estate of someone who has died?

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Why make a Will?

Most people want to make sure that when they die their loved ones are looked after.

If you die without having a Will, your assets (except those passing outside the estate) will be dealt with according to the laws of intestacy. These may not deal with your property as you would have wished.

If you make a Will, then you can ensure your assets are dealt with as you would prefer, and that your loved ones are provided for. Having a Will can also help to avoid family disagreements, and ease some of the difficulties your family may experience at an emotional time following your death.

We will provide advice and prepare your Will for you. We understand that sometimes people find it difficult to think about making a Will, so we make the process as easy as possible.

Reviewing your Will

If you already have a Will but your circumstances have changed since writing it, for example you have had children, it is essential to review your Will. Marriage and civil partnership make a will void, so it’s vital to make a new Will if you get married or civilly partnered.

At Burtonwoods we will review your Will with you and help you prepare a new Will to take into account your new circumstances.

Applying for probate and the administration of an estate

You may have been appointed executor of a Will. We will handle your application for a grant of probate and then help you deal with the administration of the estate.

If there is no Will, we will represent you when applying for a grant of letters of administration – this makes it possible to deal with the estate of someone who has died intestate. We can then assist with the administration of the estate.

Although the process can be lengthy Burtonwoods will endeavour to make it as timely as possible in the circumstances of your case.

We aim to provide a sensitive and cost effective service at what is usually a difficult and stressful time. Our charges are not based on the value of the estate, but on the amount of time actually spent.

Inheritance Tax

If the assets of the person who has died are worth £325,000* or more, Inheritance Tax will be payable on the estate, unless the assets are being passed to the deceased’s spouse or civil partner. Even if Inheritance Tax is not payable on the estate, forms relating to the tax have to be completed when applying for a grant of probate on estates with a value over a particular threshold. It’s also important to be aware that there can be Inheritance Tax liability even where property passes outside a Will, for example to a joint tenant, or where there have been lifetime gifts prior to death. Burtonwoods will explain the rules and handle the paperwork for you.

*Threshold in April 2016- We can advise on any changes to this.

Why Burtonwoods?

  • We have extensive experience in making Wills and dealing with the administration of estates
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