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Starting a business

England is one of the most business friendly countries in the world. Whether you are thinking about setting up your business as:

  • a private limited company
  • a sole trader, or
  • a partnership or limited liability partnership

Burtonwoods will advise you about the best form of operational agreement for the ownership and management of your business. We have extensive experience of drafting shareholder agreements. We handle all aspects of company and partnership formation.

Our experience has shown that it is well worth getting things right from the start, especially where the parties involved have unequal investments in the business. Choosing the right legal form for your business and drafting a formal agreement can help with:

  • avoiding disputes between the parties
  • reducing potential costs in the future successful sale of the business
  • dealing with the outcome and management of business failure

Terms of business

We will help you get your terms of business and service contracts right from the start, ensuring the terms of business on which you deal with your customers, clients and suppliers are suitable given the nature and objectives of your business. This helps to avoid disputes, and maximises your business’ efficiency and profits.

We can help you with regular reviews of your terms of business and service contracts, ensuring they take into account both changes in the law and changes in the activities of your business.

Sale and purchase of a business

Burtonwoods has extensive experience in handling sales and purchases of businesses. We deal with a broad range of businesses such as restaurants, cafes, nursery schools, retail, offices and recruitment agencies. We also handle commercial conveyancing.

We will advise on negotiating the appropriate terms for your business sale and purchase, whether the transaction is by sale/purchase of company shares or by sale/purchase of assets and goodwill.

We will review Heads of Terms- the main points of the deal with the other party- and advise you about due diligence-the matters that will need to be looked into to ensure there are no hidden problems.

We will then take care of all legal aspects of the transaction for you.

Why Burtonwoods?

  • We have extensive experience in advising small businesses and will provide you with practical effective solutions
  • You will deal directly with a named solicitor in the firm
  • We provide a cost effective service which is tailored to the needs of your business

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