At Burtonwoods we specialise in giving you clear, constructive and cost effective advice to help you resolve the legal issues which arise at key stages of your life.

When you’re presented with unexpected challenges, we are here to help if things have gone wrong, or look like they could do. Whether dealing with your property, your business or your work, it is vital you have the right safeguards in place.

Why Burtonwoods?

Our focus is on making sure you have the right agreements and protection in place from the start. We provide clear advice based on your unique circumstances and ensure you understand all options available to you.

One of our experienced lawyers will handle your affairs, aided by our thorough, highly qualified and dedicated support team. We understand the frustrations and anxieties of involvement in any legal transaction and aim to minimise worry for you where we can.

And when you choose to work with us, you can take advantage of our flexible engagement options and fee structuring ensuring you are in control of your costs.


Contact us

So, if you would like help with legal services relating to your home, business, work or property then call us on 0207 636 2448 for a quote and more information on our legal services, or send us an enquiry.

We will explain our processes and give you the information you need to move to the next step.